Information about the PCRT Network and Steps to become a PCRT Member

The PCRT is a collaborative group of physicians, with a mission to organize and accelerate the clinical development of new agents for the treatment of patients with pancreatic cancer. The PCRT members include laboratory and clinical researchers in the U.S. and Europe, who share the passion to bring new advances to patients with pancreatic cancer as rapidly as possible; PCRT provides the only coordinated effort in the world dedicated to rapidly translating research discoveries into new treatments and supportive care for patients with pancreatic cancer. The PCRT facilitates all phases of clinical research.

The PCRT is a multi-disciplined group of preeminent researchers dedicated to organizing and accelerating the clinical development of new agents for the treatment of patients with pancreatic cancer. Dr. Daniel Von Hoff, Dr. John Crowley, Dr. Manuel Hidalgo, and other passionate individuals founded the group in 2003; Dr. Tom Dragovich is the Chairman of PCRT, and Dr. Gabriela Chiorean is the Vice-Chairman. The PCRT consortium includes approximately 75 Oncology Clinicians, Surgeons and Researchers, representing 45 research sites.

Membership into the PCRT is voluntary, with no Membership Fee. If you would like to apply to be a member, information about your institution’s resources and your experience in Pancreatic Cancer Clinical Research will be evaluated by the PCRT Executive Committee for Membership Approval. Please review the PCRT By-Laws for more information about the requirements for PCRT Membership, and for expected activities as a PCRT Member.

Once an initial Confidentiality Agreement is signed by your institution, and your site’s resources and your clinical research experience in pancreatic cancer research has been reviewed and approved by the PCRT Executive Committee, your institution will be required to review and sign a PCRT Membership Agreement. This Membership Agreement provides the basis for participating in the PCRT Network.

The PCRT network does not, and cannot, have any ownership in our sites. The PCRT sites work independently of our administration. As a result, when the PCRT brings in a new pancreatic cancer clinical trial into the network, every investigator from our member institutions will have the option of opening the study at their institution. If the trial is sponsored by the drug manufacturer your institution will need to negotiate a contract for the specific trial directly with the sponsor. If CRAB, on behalf of PCRT is the sponsor of the trial, then your institution will contract with CRAB. The Project Managers at the PCRT will work with you and your clinical team on any of the PCRT trials you are interested in opening at your institution. Our Project Management team will work with your site during the study start-up process, and, in many cases, throughout the entire trial. The relationships our team builds with each PCRT site in the network are crucial to the success of the group.

As a PCRT member, you will be invited to join our monthly teleconference calls to discuss the current open studies on our roster, in addition to discussing difficult patient issues you may be facing, and to get feedback on study designs/concepts or ideas from the other colleagues. Our regularly scheduled monthly teleconferences are every third Friday of the month at 11 am EST. The calls do not last longer than 1 hour.

In addition to our monthly calls, we also have our two face-to-face meetings each year which we encourage you to attend if your schedule allows:

  • The PCRT Annual Meeting occurs during the ASCO Annual Meeting in Chicago, IL. This day-long meeting is usually scheduled the day before ASCO begins.
  • The PCRT Semi-Annual Meeting occurs during the ASCO GI Symposium in San Francisco, CA. This half-day meeting is usually scheduled one of the evenings during the Symposium.

If you are interested in more information about the PCRT Network, and possibly becoming a member of PCRT, please contact the PCRT Program Manager:

Arthur Lee
MS, Clinical Research Project Manager

We will walk you through the steps to become a PCRT member (see below).

Steps to become a PCRT member:

  1. Signing a CDA: Since we discuss confidential information within the group, we need to get a confidentiality Agreement in place with your institution prior to your participation in any PCRT activities (monthly calls or in-person meetings). Please contact the PCRT Program Manager to have a CDA template sent to you for review/signature by your institution. This CDA will allow you to receive confidential information that we discuss in the network until the PCRT Membership Agreement is signed by your institution which is explained below.
  2. Send us an electronic copy of your signed/dated CV, and medical license: we will need a current copy of your CV (signed and dated) and your medical license as part of the application for membership for review by the PCRT Executive Committee.
  3. Complete the PCRT site questionnaire: We will need you or your clinical research team to fill out and return to us our PCRT site questionnaire that asks standard questions about the resources at your research site. This document plus your CV and medical license will be sent to our PCRT Executive Committee for evaluation.
  4. PCRT Membership Agreement--The PCRT Membership Agreement will be sent to your institution for review and signature once the PCRT Executive Committee has reviewed and approved your credentials and the completed PCRT site questionnaire.

These documents are for your information and use in a PCRT Membership Application:

Current Members

Current Studies:

Study ID

Date Activated

PCRT 12-001 study (Seena # 2) CLOSED TO ENROLLMENT


Closed Studies:

Study ID

Date Activated

PCRT - LBH Study (Study 09-001)


Novartis PTK787 (Study 04-001)


Pancreatic Cancer Serum and DNA Repository (Study 03-001)


PCRT 11-002 (SEENA Study)


PGX-ODSH-2011-PC1 Study


INNO-206-P2-PDA-01 Study