The PCRT network provides the pharmaceutical industry with unrivaled access to a worldwide network of clinical experts in pancreatic cancer, led by some of the thought-leaders in this field.

Functions and Services

PCRT provides a central resource to biotech and pharma companies seeking strategies and clinical resources. Our comprehensive approach to clinical trial design and implementation includes:

  • Design and conduct of preclinical studies through Cancer Research And Biostatistics (CRAB)
  • Strategic design of clinical protocols - the PCRT members provide input on the study design for feasibility, effectiveness, and overall strategy for drug development.
  • Strong relationships with PCRT Investigators in the network - the PCRT Project Managers have develped strong relationships with the PCRT Investigators that enables the studies to open faster and run more smoothly at the respective institutions.
  • To engage in the planning and coordinating of all aspects of clinical trials, including (but not limited to):
    • Preparation of protocols
    • Study design and statistical analysis
    • Customized Electronic Data Capture Systems
    • Data Management
    • Web site operations
    • Patient Enrollment and Registration
    • Data Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB) specific and rapid selection of premiere clinical research sites from the PCRT network including providing immediate feasibility information
    • Centralized IRB oversight for participating PCRT sites
    • Centralized regulatory documentation collection
    • Initial and/or complete budget and contract negotiation on behalf of the sponsor
    • Increased and more efficient communication among the PCRT sites and the Project Managers to ensure timely, accurate and complete submission of study data throughout the trial
    • Payment administration of the study budgets to PCRT sites if requested

A Centralized Sample and Data Repository

PCRT has created a multi-center Serum and DNA Repository for the discovery of biomarkers for this disease. The PCRT developed a clinical study designed to collect blood from people with pancreatic cancer, pancreatitis, liver disease, and from healthy and at-risk volunteers in order to identify biomarkers for early diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic cancer. The samples are stored in a central repository or bank as a resource for current and future scientific studies. PCRT researchers use the samples to identify new biomarkers for early diagnosis, disease stage, natural history of the disease, response to treatment and to identify possible therapeutic interventions.

In order to better understand this disease, the PCRT would like to expand this repository to collect tissue and images taken of current pancreatic cancer patients receiving treatment and use this data to discover how effectively current treatments work, and how to develop NEW treatments for pancreatic cancer patients at all stages of disease. We also want to use this very important data to identify biomarkers or changes in tissue (seen on a CT or PET scan) that might indicate early the onset of pancreatic cancer.